A guide to Food Hygiene India: General Common sense

Food hygiene

The food Hygiene India usually leaves a lot to be desired and it is rare for a foreigner not to get ill at least once during their visit.

When travelling in different countries, your usual food hygiene and eating habits have to be adjusted and this is especially important in India. Most of the time it is not that food in other countries is bad or unclean it is just our dietary systems are not used to it. The amount of money you spend doesn't always guarantee safety. It's possible to get excellent, safe and clean food at rock bottom prices and foul, dirty and dangerous food at swanky restaurants. Here are some tips on eating and general food hygiene.

- Beware of fresh fruit juices as they usually contain water that is probably from the tap. Just ask where the water comes from or if you are really thirsty, just ask for your own water to be used.

- Carry soap with you or you can ask for it from waiters and always wash your hands before and just as importantly after. Keep your finger nails short to avoid gathering dirt.

- Consider food hygiene when choosing a restaurant. A good, general guide is to choose the one with the most locals in. This usually insures better food, service and hygiene.

- Watch out for salads and raw vegetables as the Indians have little concept of washing vegetables and if they do it is probably been done using tap water. Avoid ice as it is also probably made from tap water.

- Try and eat only freshly cooked food and avoid food that has been hanging around on buffet tables all day attracting flies.

- I didn't but most who travel to India avoid meat. Indian food is well known around the world for its superb vegetarian food so missing out the meat isn't really a problem but if you do choose the meat option just be careful as it can cause a few digestive problems if its old or under cooked.

- Eat loads of fruit and yoghurt to keep you digestive system healthy and will leave it better equipped to fight of anything nasty if it has too. Always wash the fruit for better food Hygiene India.


Drink as much water as is comfortable and try to never get dehydrated. Dehydration lowers concentration and leads to bad decisions. Never ever drink water from the taps, especially in cities, this may seem obvious but I have seen people do it and the results are not pretty. Bottled drinking water is available everywhere you go and costs from 40-80 rupees per litre. However, there are lots of stories of enthusiastic, small time entrepreneurs (kids), refilling empty bottles and selling them on. Thankfully, it is dying out now as the bottles all have special plastic seals but always check this and also look to see if it has anything floating in it before you buy.

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