Dal Recipes

Dals are a staple in Indian society. You won't find many meals that don't include a small side of Dal.

Indian Dals or Dhals, as theyu are also known are kind of like a lentil soup. Every region has a million different Dal recipes and I am sure that there is an endless amount of variations.

Dal is what chicken soup is in the west - comforting food. Dals or lentils, peas and beans are cooked practically daily in almost every Indian home, vegetarian or not. Each region has its own favorites and cooking methods. Some are cooked with garlic and ginger, in addition to the staple spices of turmeric, cumin and coriander. Dals can range from spicy-sweet to scorching hot, soup like or like creamed thick soup or dry like a pilaf.Lentils form an important part of any Indian meal and you can make it an important part of your diet.

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