Chapora Beach

Chapora beach, claimed as the most photographed beach in Goa.....

Unlike many of the other beaches in Goa, Chapora despite still being a popular tourist spot, has some how managed to retained its own sense of Identity. Whether this is because of it's striking charachteristics such as the breathtaking Portugese fort or the influence the small but mighty fishing industry still has on the village and the Chapora beach.

Chapora is a great place to just forget the world; the hurried pace of the urban life is easily forgotten and is replaced with people watching, strolling, fine dining, swimming and all the toher things that don't involve much work.

If of course you feel like stretching your legs then why not take a stroll up to the Chapora Fort for fantastic views and clean ocean air.

Chapora Beach

Chapora Fort

The 500 year old Portugese Fort that make Chapora so special is now something of a landmark in Chapora and a very proud pin for the locals.

The brilliant site has steep slopes on all sides. The fort follows the outline of higher slopes, stands above the whole upland area having an irregular outer plan and uses the natural form to add defensive height to the fullest advantage instead of dry ditches being dug. At the top of the steep approach track, the main gate is small and unpretentious for such a large fort but narrow and deep. Depending on defence requirements, the positions of bastions each having the cylindrical turret that gives a special character are irregularly spaced with their enormous embrasures for cannon.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Beach fort

Where to stay

Being a popular touristr destination Chapora has loads of places to stay. SOme of the cheaper spots lie on the west side of the street in the village. There are also a few places to stay on the beach sometimes, if you are lucky :-).

Chapora beach Palm trees, view chapora beach

Getting there and away

The easisiet way to get to Chapora is by means of local buses. They leave both Mapusa and Calangute Beach very often. If you think ahead a little you can also find direct buses from Panjim.

Alternately you can get a train to Karmali which is the nearest railway station and then a Moped or taxi from there.

Sunset at chapora beach, chapora beach sunset

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