Bollywood Sites

Bollywood is a phenomenon understood by few and misrepresented by many Bollywood sites. So which are the best websites about bollywood - the ones actually worth visiting to find out about all the latest bollywood news, gossip, films and reviews?

If that's what you're are looking for then you'll be please because I have hand picked and reviewed some of the best bollywood sites on the web and listed them below. Describes itself as the 'one stop guide to Bollywood' and it's rare to visit and not find something new. It's clearly run by people who are passionate about bollywood and is supported by thousands of fans just as enthusiastic.

The forums are some of the best out of all the sites on this list and the site has a great selection of resourses from photos, reviews, news and the rest. Another great site about bollywood with an emphasis on review, previews and news. has also one of the vastest catalogues of bollywood wallpapers, ringtones, and news stories.

Despite this the website is not the most popular as it is'nt the best laid out and it can be difficult to navigate and use. Again, a bollywood site truly rich in information but unlike above, it is far more user orientated and of course far more user generated. Perhaps one of the most 'serious' bollywood sites on this list, bollywoodworld offers much the sam as the other but is far more new orientated. It's regualry updated, well run and easy to navigate. If your looking for more serious bews about bollywood then this is the site for you.

The information probided by this site rules as some of the most indepth and analyticaly accurate of any of the bollwood sites.