Where is the Best Place to Fly to in South India?

by Malin Hessen


My name is Malin Hessen, girl from Norway :)

I would like to know where is the best place to fly to in South India. I am gonna travel through south India after new year, and I wondered what city I should take a plane to. I am traveling from Europe.

Where is the cheapest destination, and were is the best city to start my trip etc.

And do you know anything about the weather in South India in the months January, February, March?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards

Malin Hessen :)

And the Answer...

Hi Malin

Thanks very much for your question, I think many people often think the same thing.

I think that the best place to fly to in South India from Europe is probably to fly to Mumbai. This is probably one of the cheapest places to fly to in India from Europe apart from Delhi (too far North for you)

Flying to Mumbai also sets you up nicely for travelling in South India - The beginning of quite a nice route. Depending on your budget you could either take a bus to Goa (15 hours and about $20) or fly (1.5 hours and about $80 to $120).

Goa is a great way to get acclimatised to India as it is a little more touristy and not so crazy. Spend some time here chilling out, meeting people and exploring the various beaches and then head South. Gokarna is South of Goa and is a seriously cool place. Go to Hampi - it is a must and takes a bout 12 - 14 hours by bus from Panajim (capital of Goa).

From there you can head towards Bangalore, a pretty crazy Indian city (big, smelly, and corwded but still worth seeing nonetheless). Kodaikanal is a beautiful hillstation south of Bangalore and is a pretty nice place. Munnar comes highly recommended by me so spend a few days there. Go towards Kochi (Cochin) and chill out by the sea for a bit and then maybe see the Kerala backwaters by boat - A very nice thing to do especailly if you meet a nice group of people.

After that you can go to wherever! Maybe to the East, to Pondicherry or South to Kovalam, over sea to the Andaman Islands or back up to Goa.

Of course this is just one route, you can go wherever you want and I suggest that you don't make any plans until you get there - This way you can be completely free, like you should be in India :-)

With regards to weather - Expect it to be pleasantly warm. You are coming from Norway where you go out in the snow in shorts and T-Shirts so you are definitely not going to find it cold here. Although at night you may need a jumper especially in the Hillstations like Kodaikanal for example.

Don't bring too much stuff - if you need it, you can buy it in India and at a fraction of the cost.

You can find out more information on all of the destinations I mentioned on this page:

The Tourist Destinations in India

I would also recommend book your flight through Expedia.com, their website has, in my experience anyway, got the best deals on the internet. You can go there by following this link

I hope this answers your question about where is the best place to fly to in South India. If you have any more questions then just please feel free to ask!

Thanks and enjoy your trip!


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