Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach consisits of a beautiful and usually fairly empty stretch of white sand about 8 miles from the far more popular Palolem beach.

It has only very recently has been disovered by tourists but it still remains a very secluded and peaceful place. The coast around the beach is very popular with swimmers and snorklers beacuse of the clear water, gentle tides and currents and the large variety of ocean life on offer.

Agonda beach

Where to stay

It can be difficult to find accommodation here due to the fact there just isn't much so twhat most people do is stay at palolem and just frequent the beach via moped, motorbike or if your really brave, a bicycle!

Agonda Beach Huts

How to get there

The easist way to reach the beach is by following directions to Palolem and then making your way from there via taxi, rickshaw, bike or car.

Of course, Palolem is incredibly easy to reach as it sits about 3 kilometres from the closest train station, Canacona Rail Junction. The station is well connected to the rest of Goa and you can get trains to Panaji (the capital of Goa), from the rest of India. It costs about 40 Rupees from the station to the beach by Rickshaw.

Most people fly to Mumbai and then fly again down to Panaji which takes about an hour (14 hours by Bus)!

It is possible to get a taxi from Panaji to Agonda but it is nearly 70 km away and is expensive. Your the best bet is the train.

If it's not available you can take the bus from Panaji to Margo (40 kms away)and then onwards to Canacona. A rickshaw from Canacoa to Agonda costs about 40 rupees maximum.

Agonda Beach Sunset

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