Embrace your Soul

by Bistriti Poddar Mehra
(New Delhi)

Scriptures and doctrines can just paint the shell,
The dirt within can't escape,
Your bruises could be polished, but the wounds are bare, the last time when you fell,
The remnants of that chamber beneath the garment seek your essence,
You did a clever camouflage with an unreal fragrance,

For decades you specialize burning the evils to ashes,
But the pyre within you needs to yet get sanctified,
How far would you run? How long would you save a synthetic existence?
Are you alive enough to identify your staling essence?
You have spent a lifetime searching for outward beauty,
Have you ever peeped inside the clay within,

Mould it by your thoughts,
Carve it by your acts,
And nurture it by your empathy,
The world's mirror is crashing down,
Learn the art to shield,
Persevere to mend it again,
For you are blessed and possess the power to heal,
You have spent your blinks in mustering material pleasure,
Your courage isn't quite enough to explore the unveiled treasure,

The realms are shrinking,
And the abounds are screaming,
Your abode is tearing down,
And the shelter is all set to frown,
Await the grandeur,
Until the paradise gets a floor,
If you step into yourself,
You can offer your sheath for the scarred heart,
Wake up now, it's all within,
There's a lot beyond and there's a lot transmundane,
While you take the life's stroll,
Don't forget to embrace your soul!!

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