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Contracting travellers Diarrhoea India is pretty standard for most who venture to India and you should really expect it especially if you are out there for a long period of time. Like all these things, there are certain habits and principals you should pick up for avoiding it.

Restaurants pose the biggest threat but it can be very difficult to determine the good from the bad. Always look for the restaurants that are the busiest and where the locals are eating, this usually means the food is better and safer. Avoid eating shellfish, especially if you are nowhere near the sea! Eat freshly cooked food rather than food that has been sitting in buffet trays for ages and if you are really unsure of an establishment, feel free to ask to see the kitchen. See the food section for more details.

Getting travellers diarroea India can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient especially on long train journeys! Take plenty of Immodium for scenarios like these as the toilets on the trains are basically just a hole in the floor.

Diarrhoea can leads to severe dehydration which makes things a lot worse, so, stock up on rehydration salts and drink as much water as possible. It may seem as though it is going straight through you but it is the fastest possible route to recovery!

If your suffering lasts for more than two days, (which it probably will) take a course of mild antibiotics such as Norflaxin. However, if you choose to take this route make sure you follow the advice on the packaging completely. If you stop taking the antibiotics before the course is over, the diarrhoea will come back twice as strong and last for twice as long. I made this mistake once and won't be doing it again - so make sure you finish the whole course! 

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